The Rewards of Choosing Managed VPS Hosting

Many prominent Web hosting providers such as BlueHost/Bhspecial have started offering managed VPS hosting for those who wish to have the ultimate performance with professional guidance at a price cheaper than dedicated hosting. At present, many new webmasters face diverse issues while managing their Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) that are unmanaged.

For the beginners, taking control over the unmanaged VPSs is a time consuming process as well as a complex task in case the goal is to accomplish a highly secured performance with 100% uptime. This is exactly the reason why a managed VPS hosting service is recommended, which can also help in focusing on other vital aspects of online business. Here are some more benefits of choosing such a service.

  • Technical and Non-technical Support: Managed VPS service itself means getting management support, which eliminates the need to worry about running the sites efficiently. In case of any issue with the site or account, the provider is responsible to give you instant help, giving you peace of mind without any extra cost. This is something that an unmanaged VPS services does not offer.
  • Security Ensured: A managed VPS plan, such as the one on offer at comes with all the safety and security features. This ensures a higher security level than an unmanaged plan. The plus point is that a dedicated team of engineers is always there to help 24/7. Moreover, the security features on offer promise to defend your site from any kind of attack or malware, which include firewall settings, daily backup, rootkit detectors, anti-spammer tools, and a few assessment tools for regularly tracking the site’s security level.
  • Economical: Many people tend to choose unmanaged hosting service or a dedicated one but both can prove to be dissatisfactory in the long run. While the unmanaged one has its own irritating cons mentioned above, the dedicated one can end up as a costly deal. This is where a managed VPS solution can act as a savior. Although it is a bit costlier than the unmanaged one, it is more affordable than a dedicated plan. The impression of being ‘costly’ turns into an affordable one the moment you consider the features on offer, such as CPU, IP address, RAM, bandwidth, allocated disk space, and the custom panel.