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Welcome To NAPAC

Napac is happy to announce that,,,,, and are now members of its ever growing network.

NAPAC is a good connection between the member sites and the consumers. The primary focus is to ensure that the consumers get the best experience from each of the members of the network.

The NAPAC can be used for free. You do not need to pay any fee in order to access the information regarding out members. The websites are thoroughly investigated so that they will comply with the guidelines and standards of the network. NAPAC is a crucial tool as it investigates the health care providers and pharmacies and gives truthful reviews based on solid criteria.

You can check out the criteria membership by looking into the “Standards” section that can be found on the navigation bar. In case a member website violates these guidelines, its activity from the group can be suspended either temporary of permanently.

The reason why NAPAC was created is to be a tool in a fast growing landscape of today’s pharmaceutical and health care industry. There are multiple websites that offer access to various information and prescription medication. This is why the consumer needs to be able to trust these sites. NAPAC will ensure that the websites in the network are worthy of trust and they will scrutinize for you every single issue.

In case a member of the network gets suspended, NAPAC takes the responsibility of informing the consumers about the reasons behind the suspension.

If you want to report any suspicious site or have a certain complain, you should go to the Advocacy tab. There is no guarantee that NAPAC can solve all the complaints. The idea is that the NAPAC Seal will be offered only by the sites that are members and which offer the best standards in the customer care.

NAPAC Warning!

Be aware of any websites that will sell prescription medication without demanding a valid prescription. They are a risk for your health. Taking a prescription medication without having the recommendation of your physician may put you under severe risk so do not try this out without medical supervision.

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